Bluetooth Adaptor for use with SN3

Hi,totally clueless about streaming,but am interested in a Bluetooth adaptor for use with SN3.
Really only want to use it to listen to music with a view to wether or not to buy cd/vinyl. Iwill be just using Amazon music through iPhone.
Obviously would prefer to still get a decent sq, but really do not want to spend a fortune when it’s only purpose will be as above. Hopefully someone has experience of this type of thing,thanks in advance for replies .

What do you plan to stream from?
sorry, just seen your edit
Perhaps headphones with the source device would serve your purpose for just screening music.
If you want to use your SN3, perhaps the Ifi Bluetooth device would suit, but as you recognise yourself, SQ will be affected.
You have a lovely system by the way.

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Thanks,am pleased with system,will look at Ifi,would rather use SN3 even though it’s only for screening,my other half loves music as well,so headphones would be a bit prohibitive when listening.

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I have used the Arcam R-Blink which worked well. Reasonable sound quality too :grinning:

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Thanks another one to research.

Hi, I would look at something that uses WiFi rather than Bluetooth. It still needs a DAC, but there are plenty of streamer/DACs out there at much less than Naim prices. For a really cheap option go for an Airport Express or Chromecast Audio, both discontinued but widely available on ebay etc.
Any streamer that supports AirPlay would also work. Perhaps a Yamaha WXAD-10 which is a small, inexpensive box that gives you both AirPlay and Bluetooth.


Thanks Chris,more food for thought ! Will look at all of these optical,thanks.

You didn’t mean that, did you? :slightly_smiling_face: Although if you did you would need to buy a DAC too.

No,should have read options :joy:

Someone has to mention the Bluesound Node sooner or later! All in one streamer and DAC.

I would also mention that a Chord Hugo has Bluetooth! Plus USB in from a phone. A 2nd hand one would be fairly reasonable in comparison to some options mentioned. SQ would be rather good. And you can take it on the train with headphones.

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Thanks ,added to the list .

If this is your first go at playing music from your phone to the SN3, try a cheap logitech Bluetooth adaptor for £20?
It may surprise you.

Another supporter of the node 2. It will make the best of any bluetooth signal you send to it, and provides hi quality streaming services if you want them. Otherwise a simple and cheap BT dongle from Amazon or similar will give you what you asked for, a sound from your phone.

Thanks gents,will explore all possibilities,some great suggestions.

Check out the little ifi Zen bluetooth.

In generel I’m not interested in streaming but purchased the Zen BT for podcast use and exploring music to buy on vinyl/CD later on.

Sound quality is ok as expected, for the money I am satisfied, only issue lack of on/off button.

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Will do ,thanks for suggestion.

Yes I have one of these (logitech bluetooth adapter) for my cheap and cheerful holiday house system.

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ChromeCast Audio (2nd hand now) would be my suggestion. They are small but mighty.

Streams from all major platforms and ROON certified should you wish to go down that route.

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