Bluetooth audio lag after firmware update


I sometimes use the bluetooth on the Mu-so 2 to connect to pc/projector to watch videos. It was working fine until i updated the firmware today to Now there is a 2 second lag. I tried restarting all my devices but no luck. Does anyone have a solution or a way to roll back the firmware?

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Have you done a full, mains plug out, wait a minute, plug back in again, restart of the Mu-So? If not, I would do that first.

Yes, I have done this. Taken the plug out and plug back in after a minute. Same problem persists. This only started happening straight after the firmware update.

OK, possibly one for @tomvamos to advise here.

Hi @Wheel

I think you might be on to something there. I’ve jira’d it into the system and will get it verified next week. If as initially diagnosed, we’ll fix it in a service pack release.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Nsim Audio Ltd.

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Hi Steve,

Looking forward to hearing from you next week regarding possible fix. Just notice the lag also happens when I connect with google chrome too.

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Hi @Wheel

Google chrome doesn’t support low latency synchronised video+audio across two devices. For that a Google tv chromecast dongle is needed. Apple Airplay2 however does.

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Good morning.

Same bluetooth latency issue for me since update.
Does not seem to be an unique case…
Waiting for the update.

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Last Friday (10.12), I’ve just received a brand new qb2. After initial setup, I updated it to the lastest firmware version. Since first usage, using bluetooth connection immediately notice latency issue. Did not know it was a firmware problem. Trying to reinstall everything on my laptop (Windows 10), I was so angry, thinking of returning the device. And finally, I found this topic. Waiting for the update, also for the qb 2.

Same here, approx 2 seconds latency when in BT mode.

Hi there,

I am having this same issue after the firmware update. I hope it will be resolved soon.

Thank you Naim team

Welcome to the Forums - you’ll find lots of help and advice here.

As noted, a solution is being sought.

In the meantime, a reminder that Bluetooth, although convenient, is the least best way to stream to your Mu-so.

The Mu-so 2nd Generation family - including Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation - also support Chromecast and AirPlay, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect and fully integrated TIDAL and Qobuz support. They’re Roon-ready, too.

All these options will sound considerably better than Bluetooth, and regardless of this short-term bug, we’d urge you to use any of these options ahead of it.


Hi Clare, is there any ETA for the fix? The workarounds do not apply if Mu-so occassionally serves as a wireless PC speaker.

Hi, same problem here. Impatiently awaiting the audio delay fix. Happy New Year.

Hi All,

Just before Christmas the third party supplier who delivers this component provided a fix. It will go through the usual internal and public beta test process, and if all good we’ll release it as a v4.3.1 service patch release.

At the same time we’re going through all other customer feedback on v4.3 and aim is to sort out any other bugs or undesirables introduced in this release.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Hello, Do you know any approx. date when the update will be released? How long the testing will take?


Same here after update to 4.3.0 (6408), 2 seconds delay in all apps on iPad when sending the audio via Bluetooth to the Qb2.

It seems that help is already on the way; waiting eagerly for 4.3.1.

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I am experiencing the same problem and I think it is critical.
Please update the firmware as soon as possible.
If it is not possible, please let us know downgrade the firmware.

Same here, this problem occured after firmware upgrade and would love to have it back as it used to work before please

I appreciate the need for beta testing (although this feature-breaking bug slipped through this process) but it would be great if there could be some commitment or outline of an ETA.

This is a regression and a pretty significant issue for everyone who is using Mu-so as a “hub” device.