Bluetooth connection problem Unity Atom - Epson EH TW 700

I’m trying to connect a UNITI ATOM with a projector Epson EH-TW 7000 via bluetooth.
It paired but does not connect.
Uniti Atom has Aptx HD and Epson just Aptx.
There is maybe a problem with scms-t not sure UNITI ATOM has it.
Also the projector does connect to my MUSO 1st generation!
Please help?
Thanks in advance

Bluetooth usually requires both items to be sited close by. Have you tried getting them as close as possible?

Does the Epsom Bluetooth send or receive, or both?

Having said that, you may get latency using Bluetooth. I’d prefer a wired connection, I reckon.

Thanks Richard,
I tried that already but same thing the epson recognised the Uniti atom but does not connect. Wired not possible and I bought that projector because of Aptx Bluetooth which should have a raisonnable latence.

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