Bluetooth Connective

Can anyone recommend or not if it wise or worth investment or a Bluetooth product to connect to my Naim Nait 5i?

Depends why you need it. I use a cheap but effective atpx bt reciever that feeds a dac and then on to the nait5i. Its for connection of an android phone and the radio stations I can only get on there.
Quality is pretty good but the phone needs to be in the same room.

It can transmit out as well for bt headphones but I don’t use it for that.

I’d also say it depends on what you need it for. I had one with aptX and it didn’t sound obviously poor, but somehow it was just not fun and engaging. I didn’t know until I switched to a proper streamer and suddenly the engagement was back. So this is fine for checking out stuff, but not so much as a main source for extended listening.

Edit: in any case, make sure it speaks the correct hi-res codecs depending on whether you stream from Android or iOS. (iOS does not do aptX, though macOS does)

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