Bluetooth enabled but no output

Hi, I’ve enabled bluetooth for my ND5 XS2 on both my ipad and imac but can not get it to play. Also, bluetooth does not show up in the Naim app for the component. It looks like my devices have the signal, but the app does not recognize? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

Assuming you are trying to play audio either from your Mac or your iPad, have you tried or considered using Airplay instead?

Thanks for the reply. The airplay works fine. This is why it baffles me. I can not figure why the bluetooth will not work, but airplay does. Again, the ipad/mac show a connection, the ipad/mac show the radio is playing, but the Naim app shows no connection and no program. I believe everything is enabled.

Obvious question perhaps, but is there a specific reason you are preferring to use Bluetooth when Airplay gives a better end result?
I’d try it on mine but it’s boxed up at the moment!

Just a matter of convenience using my Mac instead of the Ipad. Its not critical, but it just bugs me it won’t work. I thought maybe it is something simple I might be missing. BTW, I do not have this problem with my Muso’1s or my Muso2.

On your Mac you should see the ND as a Speaker output choice, on the tool bar at top right of screen to the left of time/clock. That will route any system audio to the ND rather than the Mac internal speaker.
If I do it on mine at home I can see 2x Apple TV’s, a Chord Poly if it’s on, an ND (when setup!) and the internal speaker of the Mac.

I use it if I’m watching Netflix/YouTube and want the audio to go to the ND as an example.

You should be able to output any audio using airplay so in a sense Bluetooth is redundant given both your Mac and iPad support Airplay.

The speaker icon shows 2x ND5’s devices. One ND5 emits no sound for bluetooth, but when I switch to other: instant sound. My hat is off to you. Thank you!


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