Bluetooth extender

HI, I have a naim unitqute and want to be able to connect to it via bluetooth from out side the house with my phone, it works fine if I’m inside the house however as soon as I go out the door it cuts out, does anyone know if its possible to improve the bluetooth reception, had thought of running a cable from the bluetooth antenna input to outside but feel therre must be an easier way. Any ideas?

Bluetooth can be pretty flakey once you move more than a few meters away or out of line of sight. If you have wifi reception outside then you could use Airplay (you’ll need an AE express or Apple TV plugged in to a digital input on the UQ) as an alternative.

Ummm food for thought, I should be able to extend my wifi to outside so could send signal to chromecast plugged into tv which is connected to the UQ, thanks for the idea, cheers

Bluetooth is designed as a personal network transport… and not really designed to work more than a couple of metres (in most modes) reliably.
If you need further distance use wifi or Ethernet.

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