Bluetooth headphones on Nova

Anyone looking to use Bluetooth headphones. I have been impressed by using Avantree oasis plus Bluetooth transmitter and aux cable into headphone socket paired with Sony XM3. Great Aptx HD output. Maybe not for the true classics but it’s a great result for me

Hi Marineboy

I’ve been considering the same approach for my Star to hopefully get the Bluetooth signal across most of our ground floor. How have you found the range of the Avantree Oasis Plus? Does its claimed long-range signal get through walls?


Hi Jonny, it’s based on line of sight, I have been able to walk around the house, even upstairs without loss of signal. Also note that I bought this off Amazon, it was advertised as version 5 bt but they sent 4.2 version. I’m speaking to Avantree support who have been very helpful to see what they suggest on replacement. I tested the quality against direct wire into the Nova to my headphones and I cannot hear a difference.

Thanks for the info, and the heads up re device version. I shall give it a punt.

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