Bluetooth headphones

I have the Uniti Atom (superb product which replaced my old Linn separates) and have Bose wired headphones that I’d like to connect using a Bluetooth converter.

Would be grateful for any advice and recommendations on best way/ products to do this.

Many thanks.

Is Bluetooth an absolute must Kevin?

Not 100% but saves a cable trailing across the room. If the recommendation is a cable for quality then I’ll accept that advice.

Without doubt. You have a lovely source in the Atom.
If you are going to stream anything over and above Spotify quality wise, ie Tidal or Qobuz, then wired phones are the way to go.
Save your money and treat yourself to a quality set of phones… wink wink.

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Appreciate that advice. Thanks for your time.

I have both wired (closed ZMF and open back Focal) and bluetooth closed back. All in the “audiophile” category. I agree I hate the trailing cables…but the sound quality is sooooo much better wired. Granted decent connections can be expensive but did I say the sound quality is sooooo good.

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