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Is there an output in Nait5 integrated amp to connect to a Bluetooth transmitter that powers a headset? I love my speakers and everything about Naim that I’ve had for over 25 years. I’d like to listen without disturbing my wife. Any suggestions?

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Provided the Bluetooth transmitter has line in socketry and its own volume control etc… then you could connect up to the NAIT 5’s Tape out. This is at a fixed level for feeding to a recorder or Headphone amp. You’ll need an appropriate lead - see the FAQ here on connecting a Headphone amp to a Naim system;


Hi Recap,

I use a NuPrime Omnia WR-1 with my Nait 5i. The WR-1 has two way bluetooth (sending and recieving).

A RCA cable from the tape out on your Nait to the analogue input connector on the WR-1 makes it possible to send the bluetooth signal from example (my) CD5i through the Nait 5i to WR-1 and the WR-1 makes it bluetooth signal which send to my B&W PX5 headphone.

The WR-1 musical quality is great. And the price is ok…But the WR-1 is unfortunately discontinued. Maybe you can get one used.

Another option i tried with the same Nait5i is with a MARMITEK BoomBoom 100 bluetooth-adapter. It works well but musical wise I was not impressed…

Because streaming is changing so much, I try to spend as little as possible on streaming in this phase. I’m still a CD player.

Good luck!

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Thank you Richard. I have started to look into this. Don’t know what amp I will get in Toronto but I’m going to look. Your link is also helpful.

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