Bluetooth Issues 2 x New Muso 2nd Gen

I am having a problem with a Muso Qb & Muso both 2nd gen. I have tried all methods of Bluetooth permutations with 3 different Bluetooth output devices and all have the same results. They connect for a couple of listening cycles and then they just lock up with no output from any source or from radio presets etc. Very disappointing. I have a very strong feeling that this is a Muso firmware or Naim app issue due to app and units erratic behaviour.

Glad in some respects that there are others experiencing the same issues on this forum.

I have raised a ticket and I will update on any future developments.

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I would definitely get in touch with support on this, and please give them as much info as possible. Out of interest, which bluetooth devices are they?

Muso & a Muso qb both 2nd Gen.

I mean which bluetooth devices are you trying to connect to the Mu-Sos.

Hi, I have tried a Huawei P30 Pro an LG g8xs and a Fiio m11. I have got the same results with all devices.

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