Bluetooth music

What’s the best quality available in a mobile device for my B&W PX5’s, I’m wondering. New models or previous iterations.

I currently stream from my Qobuz account with a LG V30…

As far as I can find, the PX5 supports the classic aptX as well as aptX Adaptive and aptX HD.
HD is the best quality and your LGV30 supports it, so use that

I am dissappointed and grateful at the same time.

You have prevented me from wasting my money on something I don’t need!

Cheers. :wink::joy:

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Interestingly, using Annie Lennox “Into The West” from the LOTR soundtrack, I just jacked-in the headphones so I could play about with the “Hifi Quad DAC” provided on the phone and despite switching around between the settings for “detail”, “ambience” and the like until I got what I thought was my preference, when I went back to Bluetooth, the experience was much more immersive, unforced and musical.

So… just let the technology do what it’s supposed to and enjoy is the lesson, I think.

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