Bluetooth must have?

Quick Q. Using mostly TIDAL (could be using streaming from a NAS too perhaps) and have a possible trigger on a NDX (bargain) which Im currently evaluating. Is Bluetooth a must have for any reason? or mostly commodotive…

What would you use the Bluetooth for? If nothing comes to mind, it’s not essential for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy… :wink:

If i rephrase it then. Is there any recommendations what to use bluetooth for on a NDX? Want to know what I may be missing out on…

Would stream podcasts from your mobile phone?

It’s a convenience feature for lower quality streaming from iPhones etc. I never use it.
Are you already using the NDX with Tidal? Some very early models can’t do this without a hardware upgrade, which means they are not as much of a bargain as they may appear.

Thanks for you inputs. Yeah its nativte Tidal/Spotify, guess atleast one of them should be around a long time…

I use Bluetooth to connect my TV (Panasonic) to a NDX2. I didn’t want another cable to my rack and it works pretty well.

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