Bluetooth not pairing (Qb 2)

I have recently bought a Muso Qb 2. I am unsure whether I am simply being stupid, but the Muso (I have turned it on) does not appear as a device for pairing. Other possible Bluetooth devices appear happily on my android (OnePlus 8 Pro) phone.
Any suggestions, please?

I just tried mine - not used it before.
I had to enable the Bluetooth input - QB Settings / Input Settings / Bluetooth and set it to “Input Enabled” and also “Enable Bluetooth Pairing Mode”.
I then selected bluetooth on my iPhone and it connected right away.
Is there a reason you’re using Bluetooth rather than Airplay or Chromecast?
My understanding is that Bluetooth is the worst of those technologies for sound quality.

Thanks for the response.
Have set the settings you mention.
Must try to pair from a different phone, but will have to wait u til after Christmas. Will report back then.
And, yes, I accept that Bluetooth is inferior. I simply want to know my Qb 2 is not faulty (hopefully) - or does need to be sorted.

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I’m really struggling to get it to connect to BT or Wifi . My Samsung saw it on first power up but a day or so later could not see it on any phone.
Wifi set up again could not get it to see my Asus router. Appears to be very common issue must be a easy way to connect . I have it via Chromecast no problem but Spotify sometimes works and sometimes not have to switch between Chrome and Spotify a couple of time to get it to play.

Thankfully, all is well.
Something I should have tried earlier = resetting the Muso, did the trick.

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