Bluetooth option doesn't appear in Unitilite menu

As title suggests - there doesn’t seem to be a Bluetooth option in the inputs menu of my Unitilite. How can I enable this?

I have a Unitilite and as far as I know, it doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in. I think some people use audio Bluetooth adaptors to connect Bluetooth if needed.

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Are you using the front panel menu and buttons to find the Bluetooth input menu to enable it ?

How old is it - the early versions didn’t have Bluetooth as Paul mentions. Is there a Bluetooth aerial socket on the rear ?

It’s more that only the very last models had Bluetooth.

Anyway the definitive test is indeed whether there is a Bluetooth antenna socket on the back panel.

Thank you for the replies. I’ve just looked at the rear panel and there’s no bluetooth socket - just one for the wifi.

Thanks again for clearing this up.

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