Bluetooth problem

Just changed my smartphone from an LGV30 to a Samsung A33 5G running Android 13.

The new phone can’t find my ND5XS2 with Bluetooth.

Big of a worry. Anybody else get this kind if problem?

I would certainly start with a shutdown then remove plug of the ND5XS2 for 5 mins - then reboot your phone. After that check that BT is working on your phone to any other BT device.

Cheers I’ll try that. However I’m not in the UK so BT doesn’t come into it but thanks for the advice.

I believe GadgetMan meant Bluetooth (BT)


It worked! Huzzah. :grin:

Nice one!

As you were. Can’t find my streamer again. Also, lists my headphones but when I try to connect, tells me I need an app to do it.

Tried three different apps, none of which work for either device.

Are you saying it cant connect to your headphones? In which case sounds like it’s a phone BT issue

Managed to get the Bluetooth connection working on the headphones, it was just a question of rebooting them, although that’s academic because I’ve bought into some DAC/Cabling tech. It showed, however, that the ND5XS2 problem is not a phone issue. Andy at NAIM support tell me it could be a “codec” issue (whatever that is).

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