Bluetooth Range

Is there a way of boosting the Muso 1st Gen Bluetooth range?
The Muso is situated in the kitchen, if I walk out in to the garden and leave the door open I can only go 4m and it loses signal.
With my old Bose speaker I could go 20m.]
Any ideas on boosting the range?

Class 2 or 3 bluetooth range is approx 10metres, so add attenuation through a brick wall and that distance of 4 metres seems about right. Your bose speaker might have been class 1.

Assuming leaving the mu-so where it is, the main option would be to buy a separate bluetooth receiver. e.g. look on amazon uk right now there is a lightning deal for a unit called " Esinkin Wireless Audio Adapter" (which incidentally looks exactly the same as the Logitech one, but cheaper) for £20. This comes with the cable you would need to connect to the 3.5mm jack socket on the right hand side. The cable might allow you to dangle the receiver through a window.

Not ideal to have to add another box, but if you cant move the mu-so or leave your phone? closer to the house then I cant think of another solution.

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Where possible I would use a WiFi connection instrad of Bluetooth, and if you want to play music from an iPhone use AirPlay, which generally has a better range.

Thanks, I will try this option.

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