Bluetooth speaker recommendations

I just wondered if anyone could recommend a portable bluetooth speaker for small boat (or caravan). It needs to be re-chargable via a USB lead (not 240v). I’ve trawled through the internet and the Soundcore Motion X600 gets rave reviews but I can’t help thinking that they’re a bit too “rave” (ie paid for/sponsored).

I’m not looking for stomach churning bass or inky blackness - just something that’s nice to listen to, not too big, and probably under £200. The Soundcore ticks all of these boxes but I’d prefer an impartial recommendation here rather than a gushing YouTube review.


One of the jbl flips would likely suit. I have a non portable jbl speaker which is very good for the £.
Try the £90 one from currys etc.
Slightly larger model which should be better jbl charge 5 £150

I’d recommend the Soundcore. I have a Motion Boom and a Motion Boom Plus and am delighted with them.

Sonos Roam.

Thanks Robert - the JBL speakers are on my list. I appreciate the informed opinion.

Thanks Peter - that’s good to know.

I have the Charge 4 which serves its function nicely.

I use the Bose SoundLink for the garden and dotted around the house.
Great sound and can be grouped to play together.
Really nice gear

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I’m quite pleased with the Kef Muo, but I don’t think that’s available new any longer.

If you’d appreciate having a Stereo pair, I’d look at the Cambridge Audio YoYo M.

Sonos roam is great, use it in my mini gym and office

Thanks for these replies. It sounds as though all of the usual suspects perform quite well - and it’s really useful to get personal recommendations based on experience. I’ll try and get to see a couple of options over the weekend.

Thanks again.

@Matthew if you would like something small at a good price that you can risk being knocked about a bit, I’d recommend the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. The sound is impressive for such a little thing and they can be paired up if you decide to get a second one.

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I have used a jbl charge 3 for some time
Being Waterproof is a good feature ,my son took it camping and it came back covered in mud ( kids :man_facepalming: )
Quick wash in the sink as good as new
Useful on a boat perhaps , it floats LOL

I chose UE Booms over JBL for reasons of sturdiness. They may have changed since, but the JBLs I looked at five years ago had the woofers at each end of the cylinder without any protection and I could only too easily see them getting irreversibly poked or pranged.

By contrast, the Booms all have amazingly solid all-round outer construction. We’ve had two Boom 2s and one Boom 3 for several years and they seem to be indestructible, even by teenage offspring standards. Since you’re looking for something for use on a boat, I’d say this is not to be underrated.


I use an Anker SoundCore Mini, which we use on holidays, etc.

A lot cheaper than your budget, but for its size very good. They do make larger models and, knowing Anker products, their quality is usually very good.


Thanks for all of these answers. After lots of procrastinating I went for the Soundcore Motion + which ticks all of the boxes (including size and a 3.5mm jack if I want to plug the telly into it).

What finally tipped it over the line though is the fact that I was thinking about buying it yesterday for £109 - and when I re-checked this morning the price had dropped to £68. I’ve no idea how that works but I snapped it up at that price.

Thanks again for the advice.

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