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Hello - sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t find anything on it. Is the quality from the native Naim app with Tidal going to be higher quality than from using Bluetooth from the Tidal app? I’m using a Nac n272…and just find the Tidal app to be easier to navigate than via the Naim app.
Unlike Spotify, it doesn’t seem with Tidal that you can directly go from the app? Many thanks for your expertise!

I suspect you will find a drop in sound quality using Bluetooth, but it’s easy enough to give it a try and see for yourself.
Tidal and Spotify are implemented differently, and Spotify Connect, as you say, is controlled from the Spotify app, which you can’t do with Tidal.
If you use Tidal/Bluetooth, the stream goes to your phone over WiFi (in most cases) and then direct to the 272. With native Tidal or Spotify, the signal goes straight to the 272 over your network, with the app just there for control, and this is likely to be a more robust connection.

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Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply. So, it looks as if Tidal via the Naim app is preferable.

Yes, I would say so. If you find it preferable to browse in the Tidal app, you can always save tracks, playlists etc. there, and then locate them in the Naim app for playback.

Thank you.

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Hi, yes BlueTooth in this case uses lossy compressed media transfer… kind of like mp3 or aac
If you use Tidal natively, then the streamer is fetching compressed (flac) lossless PCM from Tidal.
Of course what you prefer is up to you, but yes ultimately Bluetooth is a lesser quality than lossless PCM

Thank you…

Hi, I’ve just started to use Tidal as an alternative for Spotify. The sound quality is that much better that I’ll likely switch after my trial period with Tidal. However I’m also struggling a bit with controlling the Naim app. Do you know if there are plans at Tidal/Naim to mimic this setup. I.e. connect and control Naim directly through the Tidal app? I find this works really well with Spotify. Thanks J

Hi, the way Spotify Connect works is fundamentally different from Tidal controlled entirely within the Naim app. The only way to control a Naim streamer from within the Tidal app is via AirPlay or Chromecast on the new streamers.

Guess I better get used to the Naim app then:) Thx for teedback.

You could look into Roon as well, although at an additional monthly expense. If you have a server at home with music files already, it will integrate that library with what’s available via Tidal. It may not be worth the cost for those who only use Tidal.

You’re welcome! What you can do, if you prefer, is to browse in the Tidal app, and save artists, playlists etc. as favourites. You can then pick these up in the Naim app to play them.

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