BMW codes

I’m in the process of selling my (2014) BMW and have been asked to provide “radio/satnav” codes. I can’t remember having been given such codes when I bought the car, and there is nothing in the owners pack or handbook, even battery replacement doesn’t mention the need to add a radio code.

Does anyone know if UK BMW’s use these codes? And if so, how do you find them?

Your best bet is to talk to a BMW dealer. If codes exist (I don’t think they used them in 2014), then the dealer would be able to get them off their dealer database for your particular car.

Thanks, the problem there though is a dealer that isn’t very helpful. They like the cash, not keen on offering any extra help. I’ll give it a go though.

I could be completely wrong here, but newer BMWs with i-drive do not need a codes(s)

I had a battery replaced in my E34 in 2008, and that needed a code (my specialist helped with that).

My E60 had a new replacement battery and AFAIK no code was necessary. Certainly my (different) BMW specialist did not mention anything at that time.

I would be tempted to call a BMW specialist or look on internet fora to see if there is any more info.

Sometimes then can plug in an auxillary power source which retains the codes as required during a battery change.

Bought a new car a few years ago that’s now our youngest’s means of transport, and this year had cause to replace the battery. The original dealer has long since closed, the new dealer up the road is nothing to do with the old one and has no data from the old dealer, and head office have no awareness of it either. There is no way for me to get the codes to reset the radio after disconnection.

This is no use to johns as he’s asking a different question but anyone in a similar position needing to swap a battery but no access to the codes, the answer is to connect a set of jump leads as if jump starting it. As long as you’re careful not to nudge either of the jump leads off power is uninterrupted while you swap the old battery out for its replacement.

Good info anyway. I’m still following up on the as there are sites that say they can find codes for any car, but I’m not 100% convinced yet, either that a 2014 BMW really has a code, or that I can find enough info to achieve a result e.g radio serial number. I waiting for a call from a BM dealer as well so if I find out anything definitive I’ll update.

I have a BMW 2017. No codes in drivers manual. So probably same with 2014.

Indeed I have had five BMWs since 2006, four of them new, and I have never been given a code (whereas I do remember that complexity when I had Alfas, back in my pre-BMW days).

Everything is done on plug in computer and they access the BMW computer and deal with it that way. They can do everything that way and put your service on it, info about brake pads, etc. Days of a code are gone me thinks.

Wasn’t the whole point of codes to deter thefts when cars all had standard sized radios? The days of slotting an upgraded radio in to the space on the dashboard are long gone, they’re all custom sizes now.

All correct answers thank you - finally found someone at the dealer who was willing to speak, first comment I’ll check but need to see your V5 to give out the info, then after a look on the computer confirmed no codes.

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