BNC choices to Hugo

Hi all,

Thank you to many of your previous advises that got myself a Hugo 1 as DAC to ND5XS, I do have to say I enjoyed it very much from the wider soundstages and depth, though occasionally will switch back to the ND5XS directly to SN2 for the original Naim sound.

Currently have Nordost Blue Heaven BNC to Hugo and Tellurium Q black RCA to SN2, think the Nordost maybe the weak link, any suggestions maybe can try Nordost Tyr2 or others, or should I upgrade the RCA to SN2 first?

Thank you all!

Don’t know where you are located but Black Cat Audio makes really good digital coax cables terminated with BNC

I would go for a Naim Hi-line RCA to DIN.

The Hugo also pairs very nicely with Naim SuperLumina

Also look at Vertere range of cables.

Mark Grant cables, many years ago when I owned a Hugo I took mine along and visited Mark (I live about 10 minutes away) and he matched up the RCA plug and made the appropriate RCA to BNC coax without breaking the bank

Hi, I use a Naim DC1 currently between my NDX2 and Hugo Original … it’s a BNC to phono.

I use a Naim Hiline from my Hugo Original to my 552. Phono to DIN.

Works really well.

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Thank you so much Simon, may I ask if the BNC cable is directional?

Simon, read your previous post that you have Hugo too, I use the IFI Power X adaptor and plugged into Isotek Sigmas, do you think it will gain any advantages using LPS?

Many thanks

Paul, I don’t know, you will need to try and see.
I found grounded power-supplies do have an effect with the Hugo sound.

Thanks Simon

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