BNC or DIN input

I have been using my CDP through the BNC input 2 on my NAC72, BNC input 1 is used for my Turntable, the other day I tried it with the naim 5 pin DIN into the tuner input and WOW what a difference.

The board in the BNC input 2 is a 328/2, I have tried 2 sets of boards and they both sound the same, lower output. Not mega low, but not the same output as the tuner input.

The cable I used in the BNC is a Chord Anthem, RA KCAG and a Chord Chrysalis all sound the same lower output. Is there any board that can give me a better output and by using the tuner input would it cause any damage to the NAC72. CDP is a Naim 3.5 & Flatcap.

Many Thanks for your support.

No problem using the tuner input. I’m not surprised you find the tuner input sounds better as the 328 boards were variable level boards and had a bit of top end filtering to deal with some of the early CD players. You could substitute those for 326 link boards if you still wanted to use the BNC inputs.


As James says, the 328 boards are filtered, mainly to try to make early CD players sound a bit more palatable, but not necessary on today’s digital sources. Better to replace with NA326 link boards (or just link wires on cart clips) or just use one of the DIN inputs.


Nice to see a CD3.5 still in use. I had one, along with a Flatcap and used it with a 72. Kept me very happy for a long time. A fun CD player.


Richard, what do you mean by link cables on cart clips. Which cable would you suggest. I am ok at soldering, Could you please give some details. Many Thanks

You could just use some hook up wire with a pair of cartridge clips soldered to the ends. Nothing fancy required.

The NA326 boards are just links - see image below;


Thank you Richard, it’s very kind of you to help. I am on it later. Thanks again

I will let you know how I get on.

I would like to thank you all for the help. I completed the little task. Used some interconnect cable and the inserts from some xlr speaker connectors. Really sounds great. A special thank you to Richard. Dane


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