Board for 72 Pre amp

Which Naim board for 72 pre amp would best suit my moving coil cartridge? It outputs 0.3mv and manufacturer recommends 100 ohm loading. The cartridge is AT33EV from Audio Technica.

I believe 323S boards would be what you need.


These are the standard Naim MC boards.

The other MC options are the 323 K - designed for Linn carts (and same gain as S) and the 323 E - designed for medium output MC’s (lower gain). Any 323 board can be converted (*) to any other variant, by Naim or a Naim service agent. So should you find a set of K or E boards, at the right price, all is not lost.

(* - I use a set of E boards with my Dynavector 10X, which were bought as S’s and converted to E spec, by Class A.)


PS. All of this also applies to the 5xx series of boards. So a 523 S board can be converted (by Naim or an agent) to 523 K or 523 E.

My E boards mentioned above are 523 E’s (in my 82), converted from 523 S. But I also own both 323 E and 322 N boards (for my 72) - and 552 N boards (removed from my 82).

NB. Its not possible to convert between x22 and x23 boards. The circuit design is different.


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