Bob Dylan at 80 - favourite album

Hard to believe Bob Dylan will be 80 in a week’s time and surprised nobody has yet started a related thread. While there is, no doubt, scope for many Dylan threads I thought I’d canvas views on his favourite album. Mine is Blood on the Tracks. Perhaps someone can set up a poll?


:+1: ‘Blood on the Tracks’ has to be up there on any poll as one of, if not, his best (Have you delved into some of ‘More Blood, More Tracks’ ?)

A couple of my other favourites which don’t always figure high on the lists are:
‘John Wesley Harding’

btw I have started to listen to It’s ain’t me your looking for on Radio 4 - 5 x 15 minutes programmes, one a day at 1:45pm, this week. If the first one is indicative then I think they are worth a listen. ‘Dylanology’ rather than strictly music.

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Desire is my favourite.


The best in my opinion - cast iron songs and torch ballads.

Planet Waves



Oh Mercy is my favourite.


Time Out Of Mind.


Blood on the Tracks is probably my favourite. I also really like Freewheeling especially on that Mofi 2x45rpm reissue.


Just one favourite?

I’ll cheat and say which is my favourite of each decade, which is still ridiculously difficult (okay, a bit less so for 80s, maybe)

60s - Highway 61 Revisited
70s - Planet Waves
80s - Infidels (the source of the next Bootleg Series, apparently!)
90s - Time Out Of Mind
2000s - Love and Theft
2010s - Tempest
2020s - the one and only, so far, Rough and Rowdy Ways.

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I don’t think I have a favourite, but Basement Tapes was an important part of my musical formative years and the one I listen to most. I got the massive 47 CD box The Complete Album Collection Volume One some years ago. Boy, is that something.

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I’ll admit to being one of those who just can’t cope with his singing style but there’s always an exception and Blood on the Tracks is amongst my very favorite albums ever.

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  1. BOTT
  2. Desire
  3. Planet Waves
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It does vary, but consistently I come back to The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, mainly because it has Hard Rain. Hard to put anything above BOTT tho’.

Any recommendation or warnings on his Vinyl output?

I have the Mono CD box set. favorites are “Bringing it all back Home” and “Blonde and Blonde’

Went though 2 copies of “Rough and Rowdy Ways” but had to send both back due to scratches, so given up and will buy a download.

Well, if we’re including a Bootleg Series, I’m going to add my top 5 of these brilliant, discrete releases:

  1. Another Self Portrait
  2. Cutting Edge
  3. Tell-Tale Signs
  4. 1964 Live
  5. 1975 Live
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I accidentally deleted my post which preceded Charles64 further comment above.

I would struggle to chose between:

Time Out Of Mind
Tell Tale Signs, Bootleg Series Volume 8
MTV Unplugged

I hope I didn’t violate the spirit of the thread by including a Bootleg Series choice. That is my most played disc and I just love the song selection and the “takes” chosen.

Jeff A


Thanks for the interesting and varied responses. I believe I own just about every Dylan album up to the late 90s. After that most had less appeal for me and I seem to have lost interest. I did buy Rough and Rowdy Ways last year but, despite repeated attempts, I have found it virtually unlistenable. I am well aware it was very popular on this forum, but it’s not for me! In the light of recommendations here I shall certainly seek out the Bootleg series Volume 8.

Thanks for all your contributions so far.

A peculiar release. The standard 2cd version is good, the very expensive 3cd ‘deluxe’ version much better, with the best take of Mississippi.


Front Row on R4 tonight (Friday) had a nice feature to mark his birthday.


Desire is my second favourite. Third is difficult but I do like Nashville Skyline, which is rather different from his earlier albums.