Bob Dylan - MOFI one-step 45rpm 2lp

Received mine, number 2305. All 4 sides perfect, no pops, dead silent and perfectly flat…phew! 2 sides of my covers have quite a few scuff marks like some others have experienced. I have the same marks on the the Simon & Garfunkel - BOTW and remember people having the same problem then. Kind of expected it, so it doesn’t bother me. I’m just happy the vinyl is perfect, but it does beg the question why can’t this company get a very simple thing right for this kind of money.

To the important bit, the sound. Well it sounds absolutely superb. Never heard this album sound so good. If ever there was an artist you’d want the time and attention to detail with a pressing, surely Bob Dylan is right up there. The complexity, subtlety and depth are beautifully presented with this pressing. Pure class. Well done MOFI.

i share your enthusiasm for Mofi 45 rpm lps remasters. I have 5 albums and they sound fabulous.
A bit sad that there is so few. ( Herbie Hancock headhunters/ Jeff Beck Wired and Blow by Blow/ Isaac Hayes Live/ David Crosby Croz).
I would by the Dire Straits too. Santana Abraxas is now too expensive.

Yes I have the Dire Straits - BIA, but this Dylan (like the Simon & Garfunkel - BOTW) is the special one-step Ultradisc pressing, which takes the sound to another league. All pressings should be like this, but it will never happen.

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I still have my ‘What’s Going On’ Sealed I’m without a proper deck at the moment and so am waiting. Covers look excellent but the box containing the two copies I ordered arrived battered luckily the box sets where unscathed.

I agree that it sounds superb. I also have some scuffs on the covers which is mildly annoying. I have 6 titles in the series now and four of them have the scuffs. Regardless of cover scuffs I hope they continue with some interesting titles. My copy was number 0050.

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As far as I know, the 45rpm titles you mention are not MoFi. I think they we issued by Acoustic Sounds - Analogue Productions /QRP. I have a 33rpm MOFI Blow by Blow, but that’s quite old.

Dire Straits and Abraxas have been issued by MoFi. Abraxas has been issued in multiple versions, the latest of which is the 1-step issue, currently going for a fortune.

yes, error of myself. The jeff beck are analogue productions, as headhunters also.
Hugh Masekela is analogue productions.
David Crosby 200 gr is Blue Castle Records.

However the sound is marvelous for all.

It was pricey but boy does it sound good.
Highly recommend!

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Bob Dylan creates, decades later and many people involved, every attention to detail taken, 2 steps in the plating removed, spread over 2 lps at 45rpm and you end up with this masterpiece. Tangled Up In Blue - sometimes he comes in late, sometimes early, constantly changing the pace and rhythm. Pure class.

I’ve got the standard mofi single vinyl version which is pretty good.

Does anyone know if the one step version is that much better?

I have the standard MOFI version of it too. This is markedly better. Quite a different presentation too.

Worth the £200 price tag? It’s a lot to spend on record… I’d have to hide the receipt from wifey!

It’s more like £160 in the UK. Whether it’s worth it? Everyone’s different of course. I like this album and the complexities of Dylan are worth this type of vinyl treatment. I’ve played Tangled Up In Blue to death now. Love the rhythm and pace of this track and the way Dylan comes in early, then late, he lags then he’s with it. (Must check if the spindle hole is central haha.)Vinyl like this is just special. I’d sooner have one of these than 3 lps I play once every few years.

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Hmm. I have original UK press, Absolute Analogue & Mofi standard issue also but I just recently ordered the One Step based on people’s opinions. I love this album also so waiting to hear how good this is.
Incidentally anyone who loves this album should check out the Test Pressing released on RSD.
It’s fantastic and very different to the officially released version.

I have the RSD version. I can confirm, its wonderful!

Why do you people tell me things like this?!!

Now I want it!

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If you love the album then it’s a no brainer (if you can cope with the cost). I bought mine form Scott Nangle for £125.

It sounds absolutely superb and a step up from the MoFi.


I’ve seen good prices at the Scott Nangle shop, but never bought from it, as the reviews have been very poor. Might try it one day. Mind you, it can’t be worse than Diverse Vinyl.

Some of the reviews ain’t great but overtime I have built a relationship with them and they are very knowledgeable. Sometimes they can be slow to fulfil orders and they advertise way ahead of release date but as long as you are relaxed about when your record arrives they are fine.

Nice to support and independent and you have to accept some delays that come with a small operation.



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