Bob Marley - 40 years ago today

I was never really a reggae fan, but Bob was something else. A great musician, singer and songwriter, sadly missed.


Bob 'Tuff Gong 'Marley is an immortal legend,
He & the Wailers set the standard & made reggae what it is to the world.
But the legend that he is, is in part, because he died when he did.
He was the the leader, the legend, the lion.


UK TV Sky Arts (free to air) have an evening of Bob Marley tonight.

Useful to know :+1:

Channel 11 on Freeview … that’ll be getting recorded … nice one, Mike-B. :+1:

May I just add that
(However), Wailers should have more credit: Many songs are what we have today, thanks for their contributions and arrangements

Bob Marley was much, much more than a just a Reggae singer but as that he is more well known than any other recording artist, everywhere I’ve ever been I’ve heard his music played and everywhere it’s played it makes people smile.

He lives on through his music and through the music being made by his Children and his Grandchildren and his legacy is all Reggae Music .

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The best way to celebrate Bob’s life is to keep his music alive.


Can confirm: I went to RDCongo and was listening a selection made by me at the time ( 2003/2004) and was greeted by locals for it.
Something like “ monsieur… vous écoute aussi Bob? Comme c’est gentil”

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