Bob marley

Anybody know Bob marley live at the rainbow 1977 can it be got on got cd. I have seen non official version in japan not sure if this copy is a good idea.

@Dreadatthecontrols ?

@Bobthebuilder too

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If I am not wrong It can be found on CD 2 of the remastered special edition of Exodus…

Yes, but it’s not the full concert.

I will have a look thanks

Discogs is your friend

The OP is after the CD release, FR, and there’s never been an official one. The closest he can get is on DVD and I’m not sure SQ would be any good. Mind you…there’s always the cassette!:sunglasses:

I am looking for cd not vinyl. :+1:

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Sorry, I read too quickly. And generally I tend to search the lp version….

Do you stream?

No idea if this is the full version, but price seems fair and in hi-res:

Equally, Qobuz downloads are free of DRM so you could potentially burn a CD for personal use.

He could also sell his CDS3 and buy a TT and listen to the double vinyl available for £23.00 on the river. Simples!:sunglasses:

As has been stated above I’m not aware of a CD though there are plenty of DVD’s around which could potentially be played through a system.


Sorry price may be misleading, I get a discount as a Sublime subscriber.

Hi-res is roughly double that if you don’t have a Sublime subscription (though you can download in hi-res or CD quality in a variety of lossless formats), CD quality is around £13.49 there currently.

Hi Neil,
Sorry not to respond I’ve been on mi hols and offline. Now dealing with the sorrow of the passing of Lee Scratch Perry :disappointed_relieved:
Bless up

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