Bookshelf Speaker Recommendation

I’m new to the forum so thanks in advance for the support…
I intend to move from my B&W 804 D3 Floorstanders to a high end bookshelf speaker. Nothing exotic or large but synergistic with Naim and will not use subs. I have extensive experience with B&W and Harbeth so don’t intend to go that route.

Current system is 272/XPS-2/300 DR and room is large 15 x 20 and most of the time these will reside close to the wall on a bookshelf BUT I will pull them down to target stands for critical listening from time to time.



Easy, proac tablette 10 signatures.

An excellent Speaker is the PMC twenty5.22i

They would fill your room, bass Control is superb, worth a demo

It would be helpful to see a picture of your room to better understand positioning options. Many bookshelves are higher up so the speakers can sit beneath. You want the tweeters at ear level. Moving them between bookshelves and stands, including getting the stands out and putting them away afterwards will be a total pain in the backside and I’d avoid it if at all possible. Bookshelf speakers never sound best on bookshelves and need good stands. You have lovely electronics so why limit sound quality through poor placement? If the speakers could fit on stands beneath the shelves you can get great sound and no hassle. Is that possible?

You nailed my challenge HH- the lowest shelf places the tweeter slightly above ear level from the listening position AND the stands just aren’t practical long term- I tried the Wilson Duette 1 which was a complete disappointment so now have narrowed it to Joseph Audio Pulsar and Dynaudio Heritage or perhaps the Special 40- also have been a proac fan for years and will look into that as well as the PMC’s
thanks and will post a photo of the room this evening

Thats a pretty large room if measurement is Mtr.?

Might it be possible to remove the lower shelf completely? Something like the Dynaudio Heritage is rear ported and won’t work on a shelf - it needs a couple of feet behind. I have the ProAcs that were mentioned above and they are only three inches from the wall. But I suspect they’d be lost in a large room - mine is 15’ by 12’ and they are perfect.

The shelves are fixed, I’m intrigued by the Proacs, what amp are you both using?

Sorry that is feet not meters - I’m in the US

In this case, and with 15x20 room, what about ProAc Studio SM100 or D2r ?

I owned the Response 2s many years ago and kicked myself for selling them. The imaging and dynamics were top notch, in fact my target stands were customer built for the 2s and i still have them - that was a dome tweeter though and I’m unsure about the ribbon tweeter? Will look into the SM100.

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I have a Supernait 3. The problem with bigger speakers is moving them, and with rear ports they won’t be happy by the wall. I wonder if some small and elegant stand mounts on nice stands could live permanently in front of the bookshelves? There is always a way.


…as been mentioned above the ProAc D2’s would be one that I would give a demo. I had them, the dome version, and loved them. I believe you can still order the dome version.

I currently run the ProAc D30RS, ribbon versions and love them as well.

Perhaps you can demo the D2R along with the SM100?

Good luck with the demo and your decision.

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