Bookshelf speakers in a bookshelf?

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So I’m looking at the linked picture in the “Show us your Vinyl Collection” and was surprised to see those Neat Iotas on bookshelf.

Is this more common than I thought (I thought not many people here would have speakers on a bookshelf??)

If you get the right setup like forward facing ports, etc., can this be made to sound good?? Asking for a friend…

Well, no actually. Was thinking about doing this in my lounge. Just need some positive encouragement.


Um, works for me!

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I had my b&w cm1’s in my bookshelves. It worked as long as it wasn’t bass heavy music.

This is going to make Mrs. Finkle happy. So happy that she won’t notice that the SF Lumina 1’s magically morphed into Lumina 2s.

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Had my Mission SE750 Special Editions on a bookshelf for years. They performed fabulously.
Well; better than I expected might be a better qualification…:slightly_smiling_face:
They were attached to a Sonos Amp

Something on which I’ve posted before:

Bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf. What a novelty!

I also have my speakers up on a bookshelf, surrounded by books. I’m sure it can be particular to the speaker (I have LS50s), but I’ve never disliked the sound or had issues. It helps that my shelves are deep, and high, so I have a couple inches clearance all sides and it doesn’t get too boom-y.

Perhaps i’d have them out on stands, if it was my choice, just because that looks better to me and is more optimal for sound. But I got no problem with this set up and it keeps the kids away.

I thought the concept was shelved for a long time but its hard back.

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The new Devore Fidelity Micro/O or is it O/Micro is designed for exactly that. At $4k they are beyond my budget.

Tweeter and 7" woofer in a 10x10x10" box.

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Book ‘im Danno!

They have been working pretty well for several years…


NICE …and very tidy looking they are :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!

Neat explicitly advertise the Iotas as suitable for placement on shelves. With their horizontal orientation, I think they look a little ungainly on floor stands.



And at least one member uses them like that (on bookshelves):

I’ve used my Totem Mites on bookshelves and they were brilliant. I was shocked at how well they worked.

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