Bookshelf System with Atom Uniti HE

Would the Atom Uniti HE, the Nait 50 and the Focal Aria 906 be a good mix? Any Suggestions? Pics are welcome! :nerd_face:

Benchmark AHB2 is the same form factor and is fabulous with the Atom HE.

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that looks like overkill to me

why not just an Atom and call it a day?

Seems to me like a waste of a preamp. Naim should either make a shoebox streamer or an Atom sized power amp.


Hear, hear

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Get yourself a normal Atom and save yourself £2700. Great piece of kit


I already have the Atom HE. First use is with my Focal Stellia!

In what way? Nait is a great amp? So i read, and HE a great preamp?

I wish for an atom power amp!

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You realise that setup is circa six grand, right?

Yep…thats why i am asking suggestions!

Sell the HE, buy an Atom, use the 3k you were going to spend on the 50 for a more worthwhile endeavour

Have you thought of active speakers. There are lots of good bookshelf ones such as the Acoustic Energy AE1’s. Not sure what brands are local to you


Yes that is one of my options!

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Nah…the core of my next system is the AtomHE with my Stellia.

Reviews are very good. Its on my list.

Or … nap 100, 110, 140, pick a number.

Availability is the problem with those nap…but yes it would be great

The Atom HE is very special and I cannot imagine ever selling mine (and I’ve had a few good streamer/dacs over the years).

Active speakers or any good power amp for the speakers and room. I’ve used mine with several including with Nait 2, Supernait 3, Nytech and the NC250 and the HE has been totally brilliant with all of them.


I already chose the Atom HE over the 40w Atom. Powered speakers is a nice avenue, less expensive, less boxes. But the choice is limited. Usually they are studio monitors. Focal Aria 906 or Dynaudio contour 20i are interesting also. But need an amp for passive speakers. Hopefully Naim will surprise me with the announcement of a nice Atom Unity power amp, considering the success of Nait 50 and Atom HE! I think there will be more and more demand for smaller amps.

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