I noticed that United is planning to introduce supersonic flights by 2029 using aircraft yet to be designed and built by a company called “Boom”

They are hoping it will be carbon neutral, but for sure it won’t be electric!

Not expected to be as fast as Concord at 1.7M v 2.0M, but less noisy and less “boom” when supersonic.


I saw that too. Whether a small plane flying a few wealthy people across the Atlantic in half the time is really appropriate in this day and age is something to consider. The concept of it being carbon neutral is simply laughable as it will be guzzling fuel like it’s going out of fashion. They may argue offsetting or other greenwashing but that cannot compensate for something so ridiculously unnecessary. Let’s hope the business plan goes Boom and it never gets off the ground. In the meantime, of course, we have Zoom.


I’ve casually and remotely followed this story over the last couple of years.

I’ve noted the artist impressions of the aircraft have changed somewhat over the period, from me thinking ‘have they ever seen a supersonic aircraft before?’, through ‘they’ve been watching Thunderbirds re-runs’ to ‘that looks just like Concord!’


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