Boosting soundbar with surround sound speakers

Anybody here who have added a surround sound speakers to your soundbar? Is it worth the hassle or is it easier to purchase a surround sound system? I currently own a sonos beam and been enjoying it for a year now. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

A friend of mine is having an extension built & having a ‘beam’ for his front ‘speakers’, he’s having a sub & rears too (3.1 as such, with the ‘beam’ acting as the 3 front speakers); the cost of it all will be as high as my 7.1 surround system, with 4 bipolar speakers at the side/rear, which, having heard the sonos surround in the past, will not give as good a sound. If you’ve got the room (& the £) go for a proper surround :slight_smile:

A friend has a Sonos Bar and occasionally re-arranges the older 1:s for surround.
(Otherwise they are spread in the flat for listening.)

If you want to stick with your system, it’s likely the easiest upgrade path and according to my friend worth it.

I have a Sonos beam with two 1s for surround sound plus a sub. Easy to integrate and sounds good to me. Admittedly I am less bothered about TV sound than I am about my hi-fi but I am very happy with this combination for watching films, sport and general TV. If you are happy with the Sonos Beam, this seems a good way to update.

I previously ran a Playbar with sub and two Play:1s as surround. Just the sub greatly enhanced the sound of the Playbar and the surrounds enhanced the overall immersion further. Not the same as a separates-based surround system, but the effect is worthwhile and recommended for a Sonos-based system, imho.

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