Boss Design Kruze Lounge Chair

Though the room it is going in is not ready yet (just been plastered) our new lounge chair arrived this morning and I couldn’t wait until the room is done to share pictures.

It is a new to us high back Kruze Lounge Chair. The leather is dark brown and it has the walnut back option. Condition is very good and I spent an hour polishing the aluminium pedestal base with Autosol to good effect.

I had considered an Eames but genuine ones are not possible for my to justify. This cost more than an Eames replica but was made in the UK and feels very solid. It’s also very comfy.


That looks so nice, and british made, what’s not to like!

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So… thats what those are…!! I am pretty sure I have seen these chairs (or this style) in various European drama series (Scandi Noir etc). Nice… But… still quite expensive…?

Google suggested to me they are about £1400 - ??

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They do a low back and a high back version. I think the high backed version starts at about £1400 + VAT. The walnut back and the leather add a considerable amount more (the price essentially doubles). Fortunately this was a rare secondhand one in this colour/specification for a bit less than a third of the cost of a new one.

The c.£1400 one was a High Back. I did noet that there are low back version, which are less… :slightly_smiling_face:
And that some can be found on eBay…

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Ooh that’s nice!

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