Bother - 300 like crispy belly pork

I have a pair of 300s. Went active 18 months ago. And got 552 13 months ago, and shortly after got both 300s serviced and DR’d at the factory - one them had a nasty crackle that made me want to do that immediately. Roll on a year and the crackle is back. Naturally I have turned it all off :frowning: And emailed my dealer. So no music in lockdown (well apart from loft system) I would have hoped that a factory service and DR would I innoculate my 300s against anything like this - although one of them has always continued with the annoying hum it had before it went away. Am I being unreasonable?

I don’t suppose anything can be done until lockdown is over but some sympathy would be nice :grimacing:

We both know that Geoff and Pete will do their utmost to get you up and running once more, it’s what they do best. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Sorry to hear that Tim. Could you run passively until the faulty 300 is fixed?

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Do you know if it’s the 300 or something else. Can you go back to passive and try each 300. It will also take the active crossover and it’s PSU out of the equation for now

I know absolutely nothing about active systems, but if just one of your amps is faulty, couldn’t you revert to a passive system with your 552 and remaining 300, until the other can be fixed? Apologies if I’m missing something blindingly obvious that prevents you doing this!

Sounds a right pain mate and feel for you.
I guess its one off the problems you can get when running so many boxes just for amplifier stage, i was constantly messing when i was running active with 3 amps, snaxo and supercap and the hum from it all was at times disappointing. Its one off the reasons i went back to just passive with a 500dr, so much easier and silent.
But can’t see anything happening for sometime with it all in lockdown

Can it be the fuse?

Go passive and keep listening during the lockdown and until the faulty 300 is fixed.

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Thanks peeps. Not particularly keen on going back to passive as that means a lot of disconnecting and it’s a bit difficult to get to quite a few of the boxes (aka all of the boxes in the brawn stack)

Well with people being dragged off to hospital critically ill every day it’s not urgent issue is it.

Run passive or rediscover just how competent your loft system is.



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Could be a good diversion in these times. Read the manuals, take photos before disconnection and there’s plenty of people here to help if you get stuck. Little risk going back to passive and just a bit more risk going active again… you don’t want to put bass signals to the treble units…

Lockdown could be a long time - give it a go …

Hello Tim, I’m sorry to read this and can only echo what others are saying about trying going back to passive again. Long term, I hope it all works out.

Best, C.

Could it be a dodgy XLR cable? Might be worth swapping those round if you possibly can. Although I’d expect more of a hum/buzz than a crackle if that was the case. Still worth a punt though to rule that out and if it does turn out to be a cable then it’s a cheaper fix.

You could set aside a day to take the whole rig apart, give everything a good spring clean and rebuild in passive mode. Looking on the bright side at least it’s something to do in these restricted days and you can look forward to reverting to active in time :+1:t2:

Well I am busy continuing to work. Would need to get the sl2 boxes out to reclaim the passive crossovers and then work out which of the 300s is faulty. Not happening today but maybe if I run out of work. Wife’s a GP and I don’t think turning the front room into a hifi assembly plant would be helpful to her for when she is home!



I was reading today on a local hifi forum

Wilson Alexx
Dan D Agostino
Nice subwoofer
Trinnov hardware

Subwoofer coil burnt and noises…

Ultimately the fault was diagnosed to be a faulty hdmi cable with some freq at 32khz instead of 44 kHz

I am not good at this…

But could the problem be elsewhere ?

Somewhere unexpected ?

Best wishes to your wife…A frontline hero.


It’s a simple choice really. An hour’s hassle to revert to passive, or three months silence.


Am prob going to have a go at using a pair of nSats to replace SL2s and test various combinations of 300 and ps to make sure I identify which is the faulty beast. Will be doing some disassembly when I get chance - but I have extra work to do as yesterday was my business year end - And am trustee of a charity where I have to do some emergency budgeting / forecasting - and I also suffer from anxiety so giving a bunch of strangers opportunity to tell me what to do was a bit of a mistake…

Tim, as one who was on SSRIs for anxiety in the past, and who still suffers now on occasion, I have learned that the actual doing of the thing making me anxious is almost invariably not as bad as the worrying about doing it.

Please rest assured that my suggestion was well intentioned. You very likely knew the answer before asking the question. Maybe you could put a few hours in your calendar and then forgetting about the issue until then. All the best.

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Thanks, Nigel. Taking apart and putting together a stack of hifi doesn’t come as naturally to me as it seems to for others - and I have a couple of work deadlines to fulfil first. I will be doing something to make progress in the coming days but won’t be rushing it