Bowers & Wilkins 606

Just ordered the Bowers & Wilkins 606 to go with my Uniti Atom with a 20% off code. I have a week off work as well so plenty of listening time.


Do you have good stands for them?

Not yet. I’m looking at getting the matching stands or some from the Atacama range. Any alternatives you can recommend?

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I have the stav24s which are good for their price. Ensure the B&Ws are sufficiently well from the walls.

Yeah, I can allow for 50 cm from walls. Do you have the 606s with the Atom?

I do have the CM S2 series at home and have listened to a Uniti Star and 606 at my dealer.

I had struggles to get BWs working in my room, there where two spots working good, but this was exactly in the walking paths :slight_smile:

They are now in the TV room and that’s perfect.

I found that having good stands and filling the stands did improve the bass so that it was more precise. Also, Nac a5 loudspeakercable was sonically better than linn k20.

Bass ports closed. Having them too close to a wall makes the bass bloated and makes the rest of the sound a bit muffled.

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Thanks for your experience and insight with the 606s

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Have fun!

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How would you experience pairing Atom with B&W 606? Asking, because I was thinking about the same junction.
Is there any meaning on looking at more expensive Nova in terms of amplification power?
My room is 35 m2 and I’m really not into shaking walls of the building.


Hi Kamran,

I’m very happy with this pairing, the Atom drives the 606s with power to spare. You won’t need more power, what you need to consider is how better would the sound be with the Nova. It’s a big step up and would the 606s bring out the best of the Nova. Maybe the Star would be a more suitable pairing. Perhaps Nova owners can share their views.

TBH, if you’re looking at the Nova you need to look at the 700 series or even 800 if you want Bowers & Wilkins

Do a demo and let your ears decide.
Enjoy with your demos :blush:


I have been wondering how the B&W 705 S2 stand mounts would sound with my Uniti1. I might have to see if my local dealer will loan me a pair of them at some point.

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