BPM database

The forumites have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the many and varied things musical.

As some will know we have dressage horses and one of the sub-disciples is Dressage to Music where horse and rider perform a freestyle test which should interpret the music playing at the same time (think Torvill and Dean and Bolero).
Each pace of a horse has a BPM eg

Walk- between 50-65 BPM
Trot- between 75-90 BPM
Canter- between 95-110 BPM

So, the random question

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list / database of songs and the respective beats per min (BPM).

Looking at the interweb
There are horsey sites on design your freestyle test out there, but they seem to be Uncle Bob and his pub band play elevator music versions.



Something like this?

I found it trying to program some DJ playlists for a birthday party for my 6-year-old daughter!


Proper music a bpm and the ability to strip vocals (a no no in dressage to music)

Will delve deeper

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