Brain & Brawn Racks

Greetings! My system comprises an NDX 2, Supernait 3 and HiCAP. I do not currently own an XPS DR but might add that later.

My question concerns using two side-by-side Fraim racks. I already own a FraimLite base and two shelves.

Would this be an adequate support for the power supplies? Meaning I would only have to spend big on the Fraim for the NDX 2 and SN3? Or does the Brawn rack significantly benefit from the glass shelves also?


Just get a full Fraim shelf for the NDX2, either now and move everything up a shelf or when you get the XPS but with only 3 or 4 components there’s no need for two stacks. Unless you go to a separate pre amp it probably makes little sense to split, unless there’s more to accommodate than you list. A supernait, hicap and self powered NDX2 are all brawn, the latter becomes brain when powered by a separate ps but if it’s the only brain the top shelf will do fine, maybe with an empty shelf between that and the nearest AC powered box. You then have a gaping temptation to go to a separate pre and power. Splitting the stack would be the next upgrade.


Thank you for the advice Mr. Yeti; I had not thought of the scheme that you suggest.
Does the double-width Fraim base not add much in the way of increased isolation?

If you mean the double base shelf than yes it does but an empty shelf at the bottom goes some way towards it, it’s just very tempting to fill it whenever there’s spare cash and the possibility of adding a power supply. If you can trade your Lite for full Fraim now while there’s not that much of it than go for it if you know you’re staying with Naim for the foreseeable.
I regret not buying full Fraim to start with but I couldn’t get a demo of the two so bought lite thinking the difference couldn’t be worth the extra. I now have all my Naim boxes on full Fraim shelves, there is still lite in my system for the lower of the two base shelves and under some none Naim stuff, I’ll do it properly one day.

My primary issue is that (due to the placement of power outlets) I have no alternative but to place the equipment between the speakers. I am reluctant to allow a single stack to grow vertically for that reason and think it would be beneficial to maintain two side-by-side stacks each with half the height of a single stack

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