Brain Teasers are Back!

Exactly !

Almost magical :sunglasses:

Family Fortunes

Your parents ( mum and dad) have six sons including you. Each son has one sister.

How many persons are in your family ?

7 siblings, 9 in the family including the parents.


I had a slight advantage of not falling into a trap, as my parents had three sons and we each have one sister.

She laughs when I tell her she’s my favourite sister!


Well done Mike !
I’m often surprised how many people initially get this wrong, and think ‘crikey, that’s some family !’

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I have three daughters … my favourite oldest daughter, my favourite middle daughter and my favourite youngest daughter …


Money, money, money …

My neighbour and her daughter have $22 between them
My same neighbour and her son have $20 between them.
The son and daughter have $15 between them.
How much does each of them have ?

M $27.00
D $8.50
S $6.50

Ah Ha !

I’m going to say “Well done !” thebadyogi.

However, the neighbour only has one lot of money. If she adds it to her daughter’s money, they have $22 between them.
If, however, she adds her money to her son’s money, they only have $ 20 between them.

My neighbour doesn’t have two lots of money.

It was a badly worded teaser, your answer deserves the “well done”

Oh no, I was being dim. The mum only has half what I said, $13.50


Well done again !

Just being nosey !

Remember Pinocchio ?

Well, his nose was 50mm long. Each time he told a lie, his nose would double in length.

After nine lies, will his nose be about the same length as a …

a domino
b cricket bat
c snooker table
d tennis court
e soccer pitch

I’m pretty sure that i’ve posted this one before, but I can’t find it in this thread so …

The numbers are set out according to a certain rule. Simply fill in the missing number - it’s marked with a ‘?’ at the moment.

My initial quick guess was 15 (each left hand side number is the difference between the two numbers above it). However, unless the final number 7 is an error (8 according to my logic), that doesn’t fit.

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Hi Steve,
That’s exactly what I thought when I first encountered this teaser :sunglasses:
And IMHO, it would make a good teaser in its own right.

The final number 7 is not a misprint.
It’s just that at present you haven’t managed to visualise the ‘rules’ that will lead to that number 7.

I found it very difficult to ditch my initial ‘logical’ approach, (which was the same as yours and I was really chuffed with it). It took a while before I spotted a different set of rules.

But well-done for getting 15 in the missing square. Let’s say, 4/10 at present ?



Okay, how about 12?


Luckily Pinocchio only told 9 lies.

Question to all on this thread: How long would his nose be if he had told 64 lies?

(A variation of the grains of rice on a chess board puzzle)

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Hi Steve, Hi Winky,

Spot-on both of you. Well done.

I’ll leave it for a while for either of you to explain the reasoning to the Forum.

Once people see Steve’s first potential (but short of the mark) solution, it’s incredibly difficult for many of them to spot the correct solution. However, when they do … wow - dead easy :sunglasses: