Breakfast off the M6

Visiting Scotland for a few days shortly and wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere nice for breakfast just off the M6 north of Lancaster. We are setting off early so will be getting hungry by then and wish for a nicer/cheaper meal then using the Services. Thanks.

We like Tebay ( we are in Ullapool at the moment and stopped there on Friday - it was busy) and also Gloucester services if on the M5

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Cannot answer the off motorway cafe’s , but the Tebay services in Cumbria are family run and use local produce……nice food and a breath of fresh air compared to the motorway chain services?


+1 for Tebay, good food and nice people.


When I lived in the Fylde and I was young/daft/just started driving, we (the lads and I) used to sometimes drive up there in the evening for no reason other than it was somewhere to drive :wink: How my two hundred quid Austin 1300 with holes in the floor, a rotten sub-chassis and duff CV joints ever made it there and back confuses me! :wink:

Tebay is the only choice, definitely!

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Looks like Tebay is a winner. Just hope my stomach can hold out until get there! (depends on traffic)

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+1 for Tebay. (Good hotel there as well).

They used to have a shop with a great cheese counter, bakery and a butchers with great produce, perhaps others who have visited recently can confirm it is still there?

It was still there in June when I last visited.

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Tebay services are good. There is a regular sit down cafe but also I think a little kiosk selling coffees and pastries and snacky sort of things (not been at breakfast time for a few years so not sure what they serve then)

But if you want off the M6, then there are a couple of choices at Penrith. If you just want a nice bacon butty Booths supermarket at Penrith does good ones Am not sure if there is a cafe at that one (Booths breakfast in their stores with a cafe is excellent - eg, Fulwood on north side of Preston but that’s south of Lancaster not north). The Rheged centre has a couple of great cafes. Not had breakfast there but have had excellent lunches including one recently

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Another thumbs up for Tebay on the M6.

And if you’re heading up into the highlands or islands then it’s worth stopping at the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum. It has been our regular lunch stop whenever we were heading to Mull.

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Tebay services excellent food,superb farm shop.


Stopped at both north and south bound tebays recently… very busy following the recent tv series, food was ok with nice haggis, butchers and cheese counter was very tempting. If you spend in the shopping area you get a discount on fuel which is a bonus.

As Above but **Cairn Lodge **just off the M74 between 11 @ 12 is great, privately owned as well. Great farm shop as well.
Just come off right and it’s on a parallel road and then back on a mile or so later.

I agree with the Tebay suggestion in that it’s a cut above the usual horrible motorway service stations. There’s no escaping the fact that it is a service station though, despite the better food and friendly staff.
I prefer to take a slower approach, and stop somewhere you can forget all about cars and motorway noise. There are a number of towns and villages near the M6 as you drive between the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District national parks. I would probably head for Kirkby Lonsdale, which is a small friendly town with some nice little shops and cafes, a bakery, pubs etc.

Another vote for Tebay. Very good indeed. If you fancy a little scenic detour, then a trek into Ambleside is also worthwhile as there are some fab cafes and restaurants there.

Ambleside is indeed a lovely place but a bit too far off the motorway. I was really thinking of either a couple of miles off or leaving the motorway at one junction and re-joining at the next.

Perfectly understood re Ambleside being a little too far from the M6, but do agree, a lovely place indeed.

Another suggestion is Sizergh Barn. Might be slightly more than a couple of miles off the M6 (south Kendal exit and the access is on a dual carriageway though there is a back road) and not sure if they do breakfast, but mighty fine cake, and a farm shop, plus you can watch the cows being milked from the cafe. We have been there many times on the way back from the Lakes for the day

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