Breaking in the Naim MuSo2


Just received my new MuSo2 from Richer Sounds, very impressed with it. I’m new to ‘quality’ HiFi so a my question is will I need time to break in the housed speakers? If so, how many hours roughly will I need to get them to there best and if so, is there a particular music genre (like Rock) that would break them in better than say general internet radio running.



I normally for the first week leave them running 24/7 at a low volume overnight ,listen at higher volumes during the day that pretty much gets them run in usually. My dealer does the same, though it will vary from speaker to speaker…you also have the amps running in as well, so could take a few weeks to fully bed in. Though it should sound bloody good straight out of the box👍


Ours was brilliant from the box and got smoother over some weeks, but not less detail, just smooth detail.

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Thanks for the advice. Yes it sounds bloody good already but will take your advice.

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Thanks for that, will let it run in.

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