Breakthrough in analog sound reproduction

Came across this article today, fascinating….

Creator T Bone Burnett said it’s the “first breakthrough in analog sound reproduction in more than 70 years.”

It doesn’t mention how to play this format, assume it’s the same as vinyl?

Comments welcome!

“This painting, however, has the additional quality of containing that music, which can be heard by putting a stylus into the spiral and spinning it.”

“…a stylus…”

A normal one!?

Interesting all the same, ta for posting, wonder if we’ll hear anything more about it!

Good point @gthack.

More here:

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Another thread:


Laserdisc used analogue audio encoded on disc for laser pickup. It was FM modulated. But it looked like a CD and a record and you could argue it combined the two technologies. However, as a format it predated CD by a couple decades.

I had a couple hundred back in the 90s.

Just came across this article. Better than any other format says Burnett.

May have been dreaming but I think this was posted the other day in Music area.

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It’s here

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It’s bizarre how much attention he got for this. I’m terribly annoyed by all superlatives used, it seems to be the American way to sell things.

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It’s the third thread opened on the exact same topic……just saying



I was about to post saying this is the second, having seen Breakthrough in analog sound reproduction, but not realising it is the third!

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Will keep my eye on this and how the released format is taken up. Interesting that in some of the articles it mentions major record labels being involved. Also of interest that Bob Dylan recently sold all his music rights and is now investing in a new format (call me cynical😉)

there is no point in this format, since all recording is done digitally now

the invention of the chord hugo made vinyl redundant for me anyway. I stopped buying Vinyl after I heard the Chord Hugo in my system

Good point @Analogmusic , however it says in one of the articles that Dylan re-recorded music for the format, which implies it will only be for new music, or maybe existing analog recordings.

This is what everyone should be interested in as the next analog format.


:joy: @TOBYJUG, interesting article although I think the source will ultimately limit the quality :rofl:

More detail in this article….

If I read between the lines, this appears to be single disc capture of an analog recording, which maybe could be used by record companies as an archive alternative source to tape…

How the record company distributes could therefore still be vinyl format, or transfer to digital (I guess).

Still an interesting concept however, time will be the revelator on how it progresses.

This could well be my excuse to get myself a fancy 3D printer…