Breeze Audio tpa 3116 Chip Amp

I think this little single input digital amp is the Hifi bargain of my lifetime at least. I’m not sure if it’s a true dual mono amp but it has a seperate chip for each channel that will depending on the power supply you use (I use a 24v laptop brick) turn out up to 100 watts a side into 4ohms.

I bought one of these to use when we are abroad and for the £29.99 I paid it is ridiculously good. I’m using it with some JBL Control 1 speakers another absolute bargain and a Fiio M9 DAP connected via digital out to a Musical Fidelity V DAC.

I’m continually surprised at how good and totally musical this amp is with the little JBL mini monitors, it fills a up whole quite sizeable living room up with sound of course it wont deliver room shaking bass but it what it does deliver is as clean as a whistle.

Before I took it away I connected it up to my Dynaudio Contour s3.4’s and it drove them easily. Of course it isn’t suitable for a main system but for a second or office system it is an absolute little belter.

For the money and just for the fun of it it’s well worth a try I got mine on Amazon but do remember it doesn’t come with a PSU I had to by a 24v laptop brick that has multiple adapters and can be changed from 9v, 12v and 24v I found that 12v and even will run it but if you want to get it up towards the 100watts per channel then 24v is best.

Cure lockdown boredom and have a go of this little chip amp DO NOT I repeat DO NOT be put off by the price.

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