Brexit or Bust!


Well, this should let you know who I am, and of course…

…TODAY is a big day for the whole of the UK ! (No, i’m not referring to the new Forum !)

Fingers crossed that our politicians and journalists grow up !

Brexit ! Where did it go?

Yes, we can but hope but I’m not holding my breath :frowning:




+1 for that, Peter. We’re in uncharted waters. Let’s hope common sense prevails! Seems kinds significant that Naim’s new forum should go live on this fateful day…


Is that the Don of a former forum parish, yes of course it is.
We live in hope of journalists growing up, but I fear all is lost with most of the politicians.
They asked the people, the people said leave, now it seems they know of a better dastardly plan, its just that they don’t know what that plan is.


Hi to all!

Good to see the thread up and ready for what comes out of Parliament today. I wish we didn’t live in such “interesting times” - but maybe we will know more about likely outcome before the day is out …or maybe as much or more confusion then!


Hi Don, tongue in cheek I know, but you ask if the politicians will grow up? Well as we all know, politicians come from the general population. As a good deal of the population are yet to grow up I don’t hold much hope for the politicians.:smile:


I assume that everybody on this forum, and if not self-employed, the company for whom you work, is up and ready to leave the EU on 29th March, on the presumption that the Gov wins tonight’s vote and TM’s Deal is approved ?

The “unexpected” does sometimes happen, now when did that last occur ? :sunglasses:


2 years ago when Brexit was voted for.


The ‘company’ (charity) for which I do voluntary work is bracing itself for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and the expected onslaught of additional calls about mental health issues that will result from this due to MH support being reduced as our economy shrinks. We are taking on extra staff and considering expanding our facilities and services.


Don, is this the ‘thread’ you’re looking for?


Ah ! Back on my list !

Thank you Richard, and SJB.


It certainly is, TK.

I had mistakenly hidden it from view.

As MDS says, there is a hidden message there somewhere !


Funny, isn’t it? There are two big groups of protesters/banner wavers outside Parliament right now - one, the majority, Remainers; the other, Leavers. But I bet if you spoke to them, both would be united in their opposition to the PM’s proposed deal…


A n t i c i p a t i o n


230… Ouch!



I watched a BBC programme yesterday, can’t recall which one, but they interviewed the Leaders of the Leave and Remain campaign groups who seem to be permanently resident outside Parliament shouting their respective slogans.

Despite both groups being being portrayed as a “nuisance” by the journalists and the police, they were well behaved and, more surprising to me, each group was jolly good friends with the other !

I hope we can emulate them, well, the “jolly good friends” bit. :sunglasses:



432 v 202

Does this mean 432 MPs want a No-Deal Brexit ?


My favourite Carly Simon track !


Looks like a no-confidence vote tomorrow, which I can’t see the PM winning. It’s apparently the biggest Government defeat - ever. Unless the EU come back with concessions that create a deal that satisfies both the Remainers and Leavers in Parliament… which I can’t see either.

A General Election looms? Or maybe a no-deal crash out on March 29th?


After a 432 to 202 vote all I can say “ No S##t Sherlock, good old Jeremy Corbyn has called a ‘ No confidence vote’ in the Government. Dear Jeremy ; “ You could have done so much better”… :thinking:

For the same reason I qouted Churchills famous speech in Parliament at the onset of WW2 ( and nobody saw the relevance) United Kingdom was on its knees facing a complete an utter uphill struggle, however managed to come out on top the other end purely due to tenacity and tenacity again…

I used to believe in staying in the EU ( not that I can vote in this country after only having worked here for 26 years as a self employed Dentist and paid my taxes- not that I am bitter) now I have to say, I would see it hugely appropriate to leave with the ‘ hard Brexit’ on the 29/3 with the complete and utter and expected arrogance we have seen from the German/ French leadership of the EU.

And from a historic point of view, who liberated Paris… :thinking: Sorry

The UK is a place of great values and ingenuity and let us never loose our faith and sight of that!

Said my bit