Brexit thread pulled for moderation?

The thread seems to have disappeared a few moments ago - I am guessing for review by the moderators?

It does seem there has been some real ranting going on here today… i was going to say more but I think it best to withhold until we see any response from the moderators, other than one thing I was goint to observe, that I think is worth stating, is that talk of losers is unhelpful and meaningless. In fact the loser in this is the UK as a whole: From the damage to the economy of Brexit if it happens. And regardless of which way it goes, damage from the extreme polarisation Brexit has caused, whether or not it does happen, with more extremism than ever before in my lifetime, and people disenfranchised by the spectacle that has been the UK’s Government these past three years, continuing even now.


Yes, too many complaints and I fear Naim’s patience has been tried to breaking point. I’ll let you know the way forward tomorrow. Meanwhile may I suggest that the members involved at the sharp end of the recent discussion on the Brexit thread take a break for the night, or better yet, the whole weekend. Thanks.