Brian Cox Live Show

I’m seeing Prof Cox live show tonight, on the guest list :slight_smile: as the company I work for and myself helped him with the graphics for the big screens. He choose us as we created a totally realistic rendered blackhole in a certain Hollywood movie, that also got us another Oscar.

Anyway that aside has anyone happened to see the start of the tour in the UK? Would love some insights. Just chilling out with a beer outside until the green room opens :slight_smile:

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Let him know we still miss him dearly on this forum.

He used to post here before he became a TV personality.

But I think very few of us showed any respect for his points of view about physics !!!


Really great show had Robin Ince as well so a bit Infinite Monkey Cage with hard physics. Got to speak briefly to him, sorry didn’t have time to bring up Naim.

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I think he is great on the track from the Orbital album, monsters exist, love that track ! I am sure it will be interesting evening, enjoy

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