Brilliant Piano Trio: Kühn, Humair, Jenny-Clark

Steve Kuhn has been around a very long time. He’s a solid player and legend in his own right. I have quite a few of his ECM albums, among others with him playing. Always a solid choice. Paul Bley too.

Now This is a gem of the ECM catalog, IMO.

If you mean “Gaia,” that’s a rather astute assessment of it. Nicely described! :slight_smile:

I love that tune.

Actually the Piano Duos with the other Pianist mentioned above - Michael Wollny

I listened to the second of those two piano duos the other day.

That was the first time I’ve heard Michael Wollny play.

The description on the Naim app of the album said that Wollny wrote his graduate thesis on Joachim Kühn iirc.

It is interesting hearing a masterful piano player like Kühn co-creating improvised music with another virtuoso pianist who knows Kühn’s work so well and has assimilated his modus operandi so deeply.

As regards Daniel Humair, he is a successful abstract painter as well as a drummer.

His drumming is powerful and heavy but also light of touch, e.g. on this track and the album of the same name:

If you were streaming this album, it’s worth knowing that it’s a kind of compilation/sampler/‘greatest hits’ type of album AFAIK.

So it may be worth listening to the original albums from which your preferred tracks are taken, maybe on the NDX2 on your main system to get a better feel of the context in which the music was originally conceived and presented.

Thanks for recommending Steve Kuhn.

He’s played with many great jazz musicians.

I’ve added him to my list of things to listen to.

To avoid confusion, I’ve added an umlaut to my above posts in this thread where I’ve referred to Joachim Kühn (lazy iPad typing on my part).

This album by the trio Kühn, Humair, Jenny-Clark working with a very big band is excellent imo:

An excellent interview with Kühn here, discussing inter alia his work on Bach and his melodic approach - diminished augmented:

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