Bristol Show 2019

Cant believe its february again and the Bristol Show. Excellent cant wait.

I’m afraid I’m not going this year. Too far, too crowded etc etc

But it is a good day out to meet and chat.



I hope to make it this year - a lot of new products seem to have been released in the past year or so, it will be good to get up to date with hearing some (if not all) of this newly released kit. Looking forward to a really good day out.

I have read that NEAT Acoustics are unveiling a new speaker at this year’s Bristol show. Might be EKSTRA special too!

Looking forward to this one too.
Want to see about best ways & products to stream/connect high res through Tidal Masters from PC to 272.
Hopefully won’t be too crowded…yeah right!

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Who will report live from Bristol this year for us far away exiled members? I know, I know, no new product coming out of the Salisbury hat this year, but still. :cry:

Chag -

I’ll be interested to read any comments from those that attend. The new Neat speakers look interesting and the Kudos room with Linn electronics and the new Exposure active crossover should be good. The Naim room with the classic separates and the new Kanta 1 speakers should be very nice too.

I won’t be going, but i’m curious as to what (if any) new Rega kit is on show.

I’d also like to hear the Kudos Titans in active mode too - that should be something special going by what I heard at the Acoustica show last year with their 505 in passive mode.

Forgot, plus the new Neats too!

We will be playing a full Rega system fronted by the multi award winning new Planar 8 turntable.

World Exclusive : We will also be unveiling a brand new electronic product that will be available later in the year.

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Ah, that’s good. Wonder if that’s going to be the new MC Fono?

I’m sure I also read that they were going to update the Aira too, and not with just the recent face-lift new case?

ProAc new K6 Signature and Response D2R. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Chag -

Any new Spendor models this year ?

I’m coming down to Bristol on Saturday. Hoping to catch ATC, Kudos & Exposure (for their new active crossover partnership) and of course Naim.

May also pay a visit to MCRU to find out about PSUs for my Allo DigiOne Sig.

i would like to see a new rega rp10, after the new rega planar 8.

No, it’s an amplifier. The casework on display was silver, but I don’t think thats the production finish.

The RP8 was playing when I was there.

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Note to exhibitors - you’re there to talk to me, not each other.

I’ve, rather pettily I feel, made a list of companies who ignored me to carry on talking to their industry friends and I won’t be buying their products as a result.


I quite fancy this. Is it a turn up and stroll in jobby, or ticket only?

I’ll wear something distinctive. :slight_smile:

Rega’s shiny new AETHOS. Due out in May. £2999. Matching casework (or very similar) to the new reference Aura MC phono stage. I rather like this…


I’d like to hear more about the NAD Masters M10 if it features at the show

I have experienced this too. It’s their annual knees up