Bristol Show 2020 - Naim Playlist

The Naim playlists used at the 2020 Bristol Hifi Show can be found here:



Thanks for posting. This is such a terrific set of tracks. A lot of fun playing the list last night and now giving the Nova and Sonus Fabers a workout again this morning courtesy of a Hugh Masekela et al.

Great, thanks!

Thx Richard

Can anyone advise how I can search/access this on my NDX2/Qobuz?

Try searching with Naim Audio and look to see what playlists it found.


Searching for Naim Playlist in the search option in the top right seems to bring it up in my 555.

Oddly no playlists come up at all when I search Naim Playlist, just artist and album

Just noticed in the screenshot above I mistyped playliat and it found it, how odd.

Try searching for playlist 2789113.

Still no joy, I wonder if it’s a regional thing?

Ah possible, that’s a pain.

Tried it on the web version and nothing either, weird

Thanks for posting Richard, there’s some great tracks in there and a few are in my shopping basket now.

Not on Naim playlist but I saw a couple of references to HAEVN ‘Eyes Closed’ in the show coverage which piqued my interest.
It did not show up on Qobuz but was on Tidal (which I am self isolating from pending changing over completely) so I bought the CD.

Well worth a listen.


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This is fantastic music indeed. Have you also seen their EP ‘City Lights (Symphonic Version)’ on TIDAL? Also a great listen.

Will do

When I bought CD it was deluxe version with DVD Live in Carré included so I stripped audio from it in 48/24 so a real bonus.

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I logon to Qubuz and then past on the /playlist/# after the

This brings up the playlist which I can then save.


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Thank you for sharing! It’s much longer than I imagined, I am enjoying this voyage of discovery. :+1: