Bristol Show

For me the good news: NAIM and NEAT will be there, can now get 1/3 off the train fare as have made it to qualification for Seniors Railcard.
Bad news: Falls on the Saturday of Wales v England 6 Nations so a combined visit to Cardiff is scuppered !


I will look forward to hearing about it

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Looking forward to going on Friday and maybe Saturday too.

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May be going on Friday…Saturday is someone’s birthday (not mine!!)

For anyone intending driving, Bristol now has a Clean Air Zone, check if you need to pay the charge.

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My 2000 Honda has an ASBO for CO2 (229g/km) so would have had to pay, thankfully going by :tram:

Dam those VTECs!

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We will be going on Friday and maybe Sunday too.

Can anyone recommand a good restaurant in Bristol city centre?

The last time we visited the hifishow was in 2019. We used to go to The Tai Edge on Broad Quay, Glassboat Welsh Back and Loch & Fine on Queen Charlotte Street. Those are all closed now.

I did some research and found:

Harbour House - The Grove
Toro Chinees restaurant Park Street

Any recommendations?



Have a look at Jay Rayner’s reviews on by Guardian website - he has reviewed lots of Bristol restaurants in past couple of years IIRC

Hart’s, bakers under the arches by the station. Not sure where the show is, but it’s a very very fine bakery - a hearty lunch for sure.

Theres a handy park n ride just off the M5, J18 motorway, FYI. Goes staight to the centre of Brizzol.


My preference is to go on the Friday, may well get the train down for added fun (anxiety)

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That’s the one (Portway P&R) that I plan to use when I visit on the Sunday. Fri and Sat in Birmingham with the wife, and trains not so good/frequent on a Sunday, so a quick hop over the Bridge and a frequent shortish bus journey will be my choice this time.

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Do you have to buy a ticket or is it free ???

For Yorkshiremen and Lancashiremen there’s a nominal charge

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For those who want to get warmed up for show the NAIM AUDIO FEB > The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020 playlist is still available on Qobuz at

I believe the listing was also on TIDAL as well.

Hopefully another available for this year as well.


I’m hoping to make it there on Friday 24th. Last time I went was about 5 years ago or so. They did that show quite well and It’s a an easy day out for me from North Somerset. My car is fine for the Clean Air Zone, but I might try the Brislington Park n’ Ride to avoid having to care/the expense of parking.

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Long Ashton Park and Ride would be a good option also. An easier drive from most of North Somerset and the Metrobus stops very close to the show.


Weirdly despite going to various audio shows like Munich high end and the Ascot show Bristol is still my favourite. I suspect I just like it because the environment is much cosier than those ‘conference centre’ type shows, it’s just the right size and it’s got a great bar in which I’m forever bumping into people from our little community.

I will be there for all three days covering the show for Soundstage and just savouring hearing great music and great systems in amongst the industry I love. To be honest I never really ‘got’ the negativity about hi-fi shows. This can be such a solitary hobby, we all mostly sit at home playing music either alone or with our spouse and we certainly mostly sit reading magazines or forums alone so this is a rare opportunity to put faces to naim’s and to enjoy a bit of sociable time with others who share the passion!

This year will be especially fun as I’m going with two very old schoolfriends so this will also be a perfect boys weekend away thing too! Last time we did that we saw Del Amitri in Birmingham (brilliant) and then after a decent steak found ourselves drinking and dancing the night away in Popworld of all places. It’s a cheesy nightclub playing a lot of 90’s and 00’s music with a friendly atmosphere so although the clientele were mostly young and beautiful they were all very friendly and welcoming to us old codgers!

Hopefully see some of you there!



Are Naim going to be showing anything further from the New Classics?