Bristol Show

My guess would be no, as it’s clearly a staged launch I’d think they’ll wait for the 200 series launch to calm down before launching the next phase. Having said that they do seem to have 5 areas which is a lot of display space, although the terrace areas are usually Muso and headphones iirc. Interestingly Lindsay they’re now branded as Naim Audio & Focal UK, although all the blurb is about Naim. (Focal have a separate presence.)

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Looking forward to the show this year, thinking of changing the speakers so ideal opportunity to listen to a wide range of manufacturers all under one roof.

There’s good margin on mugs and T-Shirts, perhaps this year they’ll be doing deckchairs and tote bags as well, hence the need for the increased footprint?

And so it begins….

Does sound a bit NAF…


:laughing: :laughing:

REL said on FB they will be there to show something like 10 new models.

Well, of course they will. I just bought a pair of REL S/510 last month. :rofl:


I do know that Naim will be doing a ticketed, timed demo again this time and they’re always worth attending!

This thread seems awfully quiet considering its Day 1 :thinking:
Am I missing something or is there another thread?
Anyone who is there, dont forget to post your thoughts here!

And my usual tactic of leaving everything to the last minute has failed me. I went online at about 8am to buy an e-ticket for tomorrow and they stopped selling advance tickets at midnight.

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I’m here now, in the Naim demo room listening to the new classic do it’s thing. It’s very impressive.


Yes come on guys!

From Rega’s Instagram feed…

“We’re pleased to announce that the Rega Naia Turntable is expected to launch this autumn!”


100%, sounded lovely. Well done Naim considering difficult exhibition conditions.


What I want to know is where are the pictures showing a load of old blokes with very little hair and T shirts straining at the seams?


Nigel, it’s good to have you back but don’t ruin my weekend before it’s even started!


Strange, I just bought an E-ticket about an hour ago.

I decided to stay at home :rofl:

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Just heading home on train now. Was pretty busy, saw the Naim kit, looked good, sounded as you’d expect it to in a hotel corridor.
Highlights for me were ELAC and ATC.
Saw the new Rega decks, the P8 in White looks nice. They also had nice chocolates and tote bags as well. No Naim T-Shirts and Mugs alas.
Steve Sells was there, he barely had time to draw breath talking to people, they had the new 200 Series there with their tops off baring all. Fun day all in.


Thanks Nigel, I get this.