BritBox revisited

I first posted about this last October.

Content wise it has come on in leaps and bounds and for £5.99 a month would probably have saved me a fortune in DVDs/BBC box sets over the years.

Also many things I’ve purchsased on DVD first then BluRay are there in HD where available or perhaps better than DVD SD e.g. The Prisoner, Avengers, Space 1999, Sapphire and Steel, Blake’s 7, HHGTTG.

There is a large amount of good retro content available now, I feared it would just be modern ‘TOWIE’ type stuff - for the cost of a few modern vinyl pressings it seems good value now.

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I’m in the US on the west coast and I’ve had it now for over a year and I think it’s absolutely wonderful

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I must watch Spitting Image on it.

I mentioned Spitting Image to a younger colleague today who guffawed and said ‘It’s on BritBox, who in their right mind would pay for that?’. I went quiet and just pondered the stuff he normally likes and talks about which simply doesn’t appeal to me. It’s great we have so many options these days.

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